announcement and some notes on recent personal development

because I fail at commitments including blogging commitments, I guess it’s better not to force myself to write frequently and participate weekly series for now. thus for the time being, this blog will be updated more… randomly.

thanks to Psycho-Pass, I have been listening to Nothing’s Carved in Stone nowadays. the voice is quite typical for an alternative rock vocal, but some songs really capture my heart. among my favorites are “seasons of me” from “echo”, “hand in hand” from “parallel lives”, and of course “out of control” a.k.a CUZ I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

I’ve been obsessed with that recently finished anime lately. I may going to change this blog’s header to something that features my favorite character from that anime, Nobuchika Ginoza. not sure. haven’t been playing with photoshop a lot lately.

haven’t been knitting and crocheting a lot either lately… what I do a lot nowadays is read read and read. read read read read read read read. read. and read. I also watch anime sometimes. I wish it’s completely possible to read, watch, write, and craft at the same time. but that would make me some kind of demigod.

a couple weeks after my latest birthday, I found my first strands of grey hair. I was freaked out, and as usual I told my mom about it, as how I tell her every phenomenon that is new to me personally. she tried to comfort me by telling how it’s completely usual despite my biological age. I read a lot, sometimes I write a lot as well, I study kinda hard for tests and trials, and all those surrealistic compositions I’ve thought and written down… must have contributed to the major loss of whatever substances that suppose to help my body synthesize decent amount hair pigment.

that comforting speech didn’t really calm me down for a few while. until I realize that once more grey hairs come out (as I’m currently suffering hair loss problem again after one month of non-stop sickness and medication), I can always dye my hair in any color I’d want. I considered salmon pink like shimizu raikou or just SCEPTER4-ish dark blue before, but I’ll try not to freak my parents out and just dye it light brown. I’ll try and be über cool.

despite everything, I actually don’t feel too much stress except on writing deadlines (!) anyway. I even suspect that my mental development may have already stopped when I was like, 19. thus I’ve been mentally 19 years old for 7 years.

a bit more randomness… I guess it’ll be a bad idea for me to work as a deliverer. I delay replies a lot, not intentionally, more like habitually. sometimes until I completely forget about it.

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One Response to announcement and some notes on recent personal development

  1. i’ve been 19 for nearly 132 months so you’re not alone in that lol :-)x

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